Hello, I am Emil.

Starting back in 2005, I have worked with various clients and companies, be it a freelance do-it-all gig or filling a specific role in a team for a massive project.

I aim to deliver simple design, delightful user experience and smart development. I value good communication big time and believe it is key for a smooth-going project.

Design should be human and technology should make our lives easier. I tend to oversimplify, but that turned out to be a good thing. Quite often we need no more than the simple solution, but to get there, one should dig to the details and really understand the problem.


To gather understanding of your project, tell me all about it. I will listen and then do an extensive research on the field to learn the extra bits.


Wireframes, mockups and prototypes. We will iterate until the product look and feels just right. I will add some delight to make your users smile.


I keep my development smart and simple. Just the right amount to get the job done and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Together we will find the best medium to launch your project and keep you worry-free. Let's hit that button and have a celebration!